A Trucker’s blueprint for weight loss. Your welcome…

  1. Change your mindset – If you start chasing a full-daily concept, you have a better chance of continuing the fat journey. Instead, opt for a “light” feel goal as if you are wanting to be light on your feet. This can take a few weeks to actually start dropping senseless weight. Note: if you pee a lot but arn’t drinking a lot, you are oversaturated in liquid weight.
  2. 20lbs – the first 10lbs to 20lbs can actually be lost just by changing your liquid consumption. Start by figuring out your caffeine change first, followed by liquid control. Hint: there are caffeine substitutes available to keep out liquid bloat. Check out Rugged Trucker Energy Strips for example.
  1. Cooler – Get a good cooler. Ours comes with an app, and allows you to run freezer-like cold. Otherwise; find something that works for you. Our system is designed on a cold freezer concept if you decided to hire our services for your weight loss journey. Call for more information 601-283-9830
  2. Premade Foods – Walmart, Aldi’s, Sam’s, Cosco’s, etc, sales already cooked foods. You can opt for this (a little more costly but convenience is number1). Once you are able to do this, you can try Meal-prep if you desire. However, this is a one stop shop approach to buying groceries. Check out our listings for the most recent menu in your stores.

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