What’s Our Story?

Okay, you are a truck driver, loving your carrier. The only problem is you have outgrown yourself. The food on the road is high calorie, high saturation. Drinking soda all day trying to stay awake and feeling full.

That is just empty calories going down the drain. It takes 3500 calories to add or take away one pound. Over years it compiles and now you want to get it under control before it takes you under. Diabetes, Goute, and many other natural born illnesses can be detrimental to your health.

There are 3 things you can do to change the future.

  • Eat less, lose weight, let your body take off the load so you can be more mobile.
  • Build muscle and get the strength to carry the body you already have.
  • Lose weight, build muscle, be fit and strong and be more focused on health concious things. You can be more productive so you can make more money.

Just like you, we fell out of shape. Weather you are here to be healthier, stronger, or just want to socialize and mingle with people just like you, this is the spot for you.

Get with others and share your ideas, tips and tricks to help others. See what others are doing that may help you out.

Most Importantly

Get back the life you were supposed to have. Don’t let trucking be a prison for your body to decay. Let it be your apartment on wheels, you joy of riding, knowing you are;