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*We Take Stage 5 SAP*

  • 1. Although this may seem obvious, having as few or no blemishes on your DAC Report, PSP, and CSA is a must. However, if they are less then perfect, your still in the game…Call us to find out more…601-283-9830
  • 2. Show up early if possible. You need to practice good employment skills. Getting to your truck and starting out a little early makes sure you make it to the customer on time. From the Employer’s eyes, if their trucks show up late too often, they can be charged or even blacklisted to not run for the shipper or receiver. This is bad for business, if the company makes money, you make money. Show up early or on time unless bad weather or act of GOD stops you.
  • 3. Don’t get MAD!!! There are going to be times that you won’t get the best run…this happens with every company. You take good loads and sometimes bad loads. Companies give them how they are received or put together. Do the job professionally and respectfully. Dispatch is doing the best they can. However, if it is cunsistant…don’t blow up. Talk to them to see if you can get what you want; let them know. Though, if it is a never ending bad run and sitting and bad run, you need to do a self-check and see if your doing things wrong. They might be trying to get rid of you…
  • 4. Look professional. Trucking can put you alone most of the time and showers can be exadurated from time to time, but if you look like a dirt-bag all the time, chances are managers and other drivers will start to look at you different. It is important to remember you are working for someone. Be the sharpest possible. Look at one of our guides on how to roll up clothes so they don’t get wrinkled.