Colorado wicked lights and tricks…

  • Colorado wicked lights and tricks…

    Posted by Brian on April 15, 2023 at 6:28 pm

    It was normal for me to run up 25 from Albuquerque to Denver, but on this night I had been running for hours and I was exausted. I was on the stretch before Peblo, gazing into the the Rocky Mountains on my left when I noticed a bright light. I didn’t think anything of it…just another set of lights from a factory or what not… A few miles down the road and I saw the same pattern of lights. I kept wondering what these lights are!?* From that point, I kept an eye on it.

    I aleady knew I needed some sleep. At some point I need to find parking… I had already drank two, 2 hour energy bottles, but they didn’t seem to be working well…coffee either…yuhhh…

    Off into the left I saw something that looked kewl…an old red truck left in a field. I thought maybe over near the side there might be some parking off the side road, so I adventured over to it and found a dug out… Just turned off my peoplesnet when I saw some movement off of my brow near the old ford. Without hesitation, lights brightened and three kids were near the truck. I kept trying to watch, but the distance and my mild degrading eye sight couldn’t pull the distance…lol.

    After about 20 minutes, I heard a thud outside my truck. “Is it a tree limb,” I quietly sat in ceriosity. I didn’t see any tree’s coming in…and i’m in the middle of nowhere… Now, a slight chill ran up my spine… I came out of the sleeper and didn’t see anything. I couldn’t get my flash light on my phone on in time, before something startled me again. “Was it footprints,” I scumbered? All I have is a fifth wheel puller and my new truck doesn’t have a coffin rack…I have to get my stuff through the outside side door….”not really needing it,” I blew off foolishly.

    I heard a loud thud. Now i’m pissed…is someone breaking into the back of my truck; am I getting robbed? What level of seriousness is human mortality at steak? Will they hurt me? i’m not sure…another chill ran down my back…but it went all the way down to the tip of my plummers crack..hmmm. I mustured up some courage, grabbed another steel tip boot, and proceeded to get out of the truck.

    It just took a few seconds before I realized I made it 54ft all the way to the back, but I didn’t see anything. “OH NO,” I gagged. They’re not going around my truck? Maybe it’s just the kids from the field, so I turned around and headed for the truck. That’s when I heard foot prints for sure…but sounded soft but swift.

    To be honest, I was spooked. Maybe I should roll up the road for another spot. Damn, but no safety issue. I’ll just lye down instead. 10 minutes, later I heard a big crack in the back of the truck. Lights came on from nowhere, the ones I saw on the stretch below Pueblo. Now, I need to get the hell out of there, pronto… Without scuff, I jumped in the front seat and headed out.

    As I continued to continue down the road, I ran up on the lights one more time, but this time it was closer to the interstate than before…I can see this time. In front of my eyes I saw a purple cow get lifted into the air a circular object… Did I just see that? I’m not on meds, my health was just checked by my Dr. and everything checked out. I began to just drive to the shipper and hope DOT didn’t pull me over…damn.

    The next day on the news came a reporter… “A trucker was traveling on 25 when he said he was a flying object looking like a UFO stole his Hi-C delivery…the whole load,” the reporter continued. Apparently, not one Hi-C out of 20 pallots was there. The shipper is still calling to see if E.T will bring back his early load for a major event.

    The End

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