Workouts For Truckers – Logged Out

Why a workout band?

A workout band is the easiest way to make resistance workouts without rolling around in the dirt, hot concrete, or desert roads. It is also light weight, easy to use, and can travel anywhere.

Tips and tricks to use workout bands safely.

Keep in mind that bands still create resistance. Don’t connect it to anything dangerous like a shower door, a mirror, or a door hinge. There is a connector line to connect to vehicle doors when they are shut. It is also wise to take a towel and wrap your band if you are using it under your feet or have more than one. If a rare occasion did come and the band did break, it could sting. That is why Rugged Trucker™ uses a sock on the band.

Never extend your bands more than 90%…Most of the time when a band does break, it is because they are stretched to maximum. If that doesn’t get them, leaving them in the Sun can finish them off. Take care of them, they are still tools and equipment.

Exercise is only half the battle. The other half is the realization of what portion sizes are and quality of the diet is to eat to fully win the battle.