Driving Gloves…are they necessary for professional Drivers?

Driving Gloves

As I drove for a few different companies, I found that my hands would sometimes stiffen up and even start to hurt while holding onto the steering wheel. Now, this didn’t happen often, but it did occasionally.

I remembered talking to various drivers, and they swore by driving gloves. In denial, I always thought this looked stupid and didn’t hold any real value. Well, It is possible I was wrong. I remembered my workout gloves, so I put them on, and this is what I found that worked for me….

I put on my workout gloves and started driving. I noticed that my hands’ ache would go away…for a fairly good amount of time. I thought this could be beneficial, so I decided to find out if there were any benefits to driving gloves…and there are people who claim they work.

Since I could not find anything more then “Compression Gloves” discussing this matter, keep in mind this topic could be subjective/opinionated. Most of the studies were vague and haven’t had a bunch of testing since the FDA does not target claims of medical purposes.

Here are 13 Reasons Why Driving Gloves Work:

  1. Enhancing your Grip On The Wheel

…Enhancing your grip is definitely a plus for tired hands. While there are many types of gloves, ones with leather can actually grab the wheel more… The idea is that as the leather wears, it help sticks to the steering wheel… and it helps more when your hands would have gotten sweaty.

2. Improving your Steering Wheel Preservation

…Dirt, sweat, and oils from your hands can eventually wear the steering wheel’s finish faster than gloves. Gloves can keep the steering wheel looking in great shape.

3. Joint Relief

…Keeping your hands pain free is an all must as a driver. Keeping gloves on while driving helps to keep pressure on the hand…keeping most fluid out. This can reduce inflammation in joint pain of the hands.

4. Reducing Odor on the Wheel

…Having Driving Gloves on can help reduce odor on the steering wheel. Let’s keep that steering wheel clean by not sweating all over it.

5. Hand Fatigue

…leather gloves help with vibration from the steering wheel. It not only enhances your grip, it also helps to keep your hand from getting fatigued. Keep that in mind if someone wants to laugh….

6. Interior Preservation

…keeping your interior cleaner without oils, dirt, and grime off of your hands. We have all seen how the door turns black from dirt. Nobody wants that. Your trucking company will thank you, too.

7. Wrist Comfort and Performance

…Many exercise gloves have a Band that wraps around the hand. It will give support to your wrist, giving more comfort while driving.

8. Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Support

…Reduce risk of arthritis and Carpal tunnel by keeping gloves with mild compression on the hands. It also acts as support for those who do have arthritis and Carpal Tunnel.

9. Help Support Nerve Damage

…Nerve damage in your hands can be dreadful. Keeping some pressure on your hands with gloves can help with blood circulation…which may help reduce nerve damage pain.

10. Blister Control

…some people report getting blisters on their hands while driving. Gloves can reduce your chances of getting blisters and/or cuts.

11. Helps Opening Double Doors on Trailer

…I have opened Double Doors right after pulling into a shipper only to find you scrape your hand. If you don’t have regular “work gloves,” you can use your driving gloves. Especially, if they are workout gloves. Many uses here.

12. Looking The Part

…Believe it or not, many people value looking as if they are a real, professional driver. Looking the part could boost confidence and help with mental perception. If you’re going to be a professional driver, why not look the part?


13. Compression Glove Support

Although this is technically not actual driving gloves, I believe you could use them. With compression in the hands, maybe true support in the hands is what you need…

It is up to you if you want to use gloves or not….I just thought this was a good topic since I get aches and pains in my hands. Hope this helped you out…Do you wear gloves?

Do you wear gloves? Let us know below.

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