Pitmaster Seasoned Pulled Pork

Pitmaster Seasoned Pulled Pork

Here is a Pitmaster Seasoned Pulled Pork. Pork is what they call, “the other white meat.” Pulled pork can be added as a Sandwich, Sliders, Pulled Pork Burger, a topping on a rice bowl, or just a protein on the side with some vegetables.
Course Main Course
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Prep Time 7 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Servings 11 …3oz each
Calories 90kcal
Cost $10.98


  • 1 Microwave …600w


  • 1 Pitmaster Seasoned Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork Ideas?

  • Make Sandwiches
  • Make Sliders
  • Make Pulled Pork Burger
  • topping on a rice bowl
  • Added Protein (with side)
  • Sam’s) Walmart has a smaller package

What Do You Say, SPANKY? Lets Throw In…

  • 1 pack …Slider Buns
  • 1 pack …Regular Burger Buns
  • 1 loaf …Bread


What To Do?

  • Read the back of the label.
  • Do what it tells you to do.

What Next?

  • Common sense should kick in. DO NOT put anything metallic in your microwave…


How to burn off Pulled Pork Calories:
  • Jog In Place (10 minutes)
  • Walk around your truck (30 times)
  • Push ups (Incline on step)
  • Mountain Climbers (with trailer bumper support)
  • Rugged Trucker Bands
Where did Pulled Pork come from?
This is what Acorn Hog Roast had to say,
“With our modern hog roasts, we slowly cook the pork to create the most delicious tenderness. This process of smoking pork was first created when Spanish settlers first arrived in the United States. They watched natives building a smoky fire underneath their game and took notice of how the process kept bugs away and preserved the meat. This is known to be the earliest version of a barbeque. With the migration of Africans and Europeans to the South of America, cooking pigs in this way became increasingly popular because of the low cost and easy maintenance.”
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