Alternate Bicep Curls

Alternate Bicep Curls is another great way to keep your arms in shape. This simple workout keeps your arms moving. This will help you with getting in and out of the truck.,

It would be nice to have arm strength when doing simple day to day tasks – which we always overlook!

How To Do Alternate Bicep Curls

  • Take your Rugged Trucker Bands and put one foot in the middle of the bands. (If your short you can use both your feet.)
  • With your arms at your side and bands in hand, bend one arm…bringing it up until it is under your chin, leaving the other arm by your side.
  • Hold for a second, then with tension bring your arm to starting position.
  • Do the same steps for your other arm, creating an Alternate Bicep Curl.

For Best Results

Strength Training: 3 Sets X 10-12 Reps

Muscle Building: 4-5 Sets X 8-10 Reps

If you are looking for a Cardio workout, increase the Reps to 20-30 range.

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