Kombucha Health Ade

Kombucha Health Ade

Kombucha Health Aide is a brand of Kombucha Tea which tastes fairly good for a Kombucha drink. It can be slight tart to the pallet, but is enjoyable for that extra gut health. Read below to know more about it…
Servings 1 bottle
Cost $3.25


  • 1 Bottle Kombucha


What is Kombucha?
This is what Forbes had to say,
“Kombucha originate in Northeast China (historically referred to as Manchuria) around 220 B.C. and was initially prized for its healing properties. Its name is reportedly derived from Dr. Kombu, a Korean physician who brought the fermented tea to Japan as a curative for Emperor Inkyo. Eventually the tea was brought to Europe as a result of trade route expansions in the early 20th century, most notably appearing in Russia (as “Kambucha”) and Germany (as “Kombuchaschwamm”). Despite a dip in international popularity during WWII due to the shortage of tea and sugar supplies, kombucha regained popularity following a 1960s study in Switzerland comparing its health benefits to those of yogurt.”
If you would like to know more about kombucha, we left the link below.
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