Chest – Exercises for Truckers

Chest – Exercises for Truckers

Chest Press works the Front/Middle part of the Chest.

Chest Press is a compound movement that primarily targets the middle part of the chest. It is the most preferred by people due to its reputation, simplicity, and effectiveness.

How to do A Chest Press

  • Stand with your feet shoulder with apart.
  • Place the center of the Band around one foot. It doesn’t matter which foot.
  • With the other foot, step forward like a lunge position.
  • At middle chest height, press out in front of you until both arms are extended.
  • Hold for one second, then bring your arms back to start position.


Strength Training: 3 Sets X 10-12 Reps

Muscle Building: 4-5 Sets X 8-10 Reps

If you are looking for a Cardio workout, increase the Reps to 20-30 range.

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