Side Raises

Side Raises is an isolated movement. It should be performed after a compound exercise, ex. military press. This exercise should be kept towards the end of your workouts.

How To Do Side Raises

  • Stand at an erect position with both feet shoulder with apart. Put one foot in the band (two feet if you are short) and put your arms with band in hand by your side.
  • If you are tall, you can step back with the foot not in the band and do a modified side raise.
  • With bands in hand and by your side, simply raise your arms by your side until they are parellel to the ground.
  • Hold for a second, then slowly lower your arms with tension.
  • Repeat exercise until your set is finished.

For Best Results

Strength Training: 3 Sets X 10-12 Reps

Muscle Building: 4-5 Sets X 8-10 Reps

If you are looking for a Cardio workout, increase the Reps to 20-30 range.

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